Territorial Disputes in Kashmir and Crimea

Disputed Territories Around National Identity

This land is your land. Your land is my land.

A Crime in Crimea

Insane in the Ukraine

Kashmir in Pakistan, India and China

The Kash Grab

A World Clamoring for Land

Korea, Western Sahara, Somaliland, and Cyprus

Similar Stories in History

The Irish Troubles

The Crown Was Dublin Down on a Partition

The Destruction of the Easter Rising
A banner and rubble in Belfast during The Troubles

Why The Troubles Matter Today

Northern Ireland’s status within the United Kingdom, especially in its history, has some parallels to modern Crimea. The will of its inhabitants were divided, and its ownership was debated between Ireland and the UK. Additionally, both countries underwent a full revolution for their independence. Nationalities also play a large part in all three conflicts as some of those in Crimea identified as Russian while others identified with Ukrainians. Kashmiris have historically felt an affinity to either Pakistan or India, but are sensing a growing sense of identifying as Kashmiris. Nationalistic ambitions have radically redrawn maps, in particular since the French Revolution. Compromised agreements can certainly secure a peace, but it is imperative to note just how precarious that peace can be. We saw the Anglo-Irish Treaty break into war again within just a few years. That peace was fragile, just as the peace in Kashmir is and any peace agreement in Ukraine would be.

History and fiction lover. Graduated in 2017 with a BA in English, and I’ve been working in the tech sector since.

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