Democracy Dying Across the Globe

A noose in front of the capitol building on the day of the insurrection
A noose in front of the capitol building on the day of the insurrection
A noose in front of the capitol building on the day the US capitol was stormed

That headline isn’t getting the coverage it deserves, and it’s true around the world. , a non-partisan organization based in the US, measures and rates democracies around the entire world. Their data has shown net falls in global freedom every year for the last decade. 2020 has been freedom’s lowest point since the organization was founded in the 90s. I’ll spare you the technical jargon, but their methodology is derived from the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it specifically measures liberties enjoyed by individuals. It rates the implementation of freedoms rather than the written law of…


Coronavirus will rival 9/11 in being the most pivotal event this century (thus far of course). Even so, you don’t need me to tell you that disease is bad, nor that epidemics in the past were worse. As experts spar over whether the peak of the virus was last month or next month, and as presidents, governors and mayors their economies from health officials, or , it’s right to be wary. In such uncertain times, I had to consider whether the current epidemic could be responsibly…

we looked at some of the territorial disputes across the world and focused specifically on territorial disputes that arose from national identity. Specifically, when members living within one entity identify with another.

Today we’ll continue looking at territory disputes, but these will be more preemptive and abstract in nature. They’ll involve more powerful nations directly playing a heavy hand in the government of a less powerful state (or entity) in the name of protecting themselves before a threat is realized. We’ll investigate how Russia, Austria, and Prussia’s instincts to partition Poland as well as Rome and the Sassanids…

Disputed Territories Around National Identity

This land is your land. Your land is my land.

Territorial disputes are nothing new to this day and age, but in the age of nuclear weapons, a falling out can have dire consequences. While the disputes in Kashmir, Crimea and Syria are currently flaring up, it’s far from the only current territorial dispute. Let’s talk about what’s occurring in Kashmir, the as of yet non-existent Kurdistan, and elsewhere in the world.

Territorial disputes occur when two or more entities lay claim to one land. Entity might be a vague word, but I want to be more inclusive than using…

The Spirit of My Law

I want to open with a disclaimer. In my I promised to keep my blog as politically neutral as possible. However, some issues interplay with politics that aren’t in themselves inherently political. Religion is a great example of this throughout medieval Europe and even today in the Middle East and the Vatican. History can be politicized as well whether that’s downplaying the role or completely

Today, I’m tackling another such issue that isn’t in itself political but has become so. That issue is…

What’s happening in Hong Kong?

First My Criminals, Then My Heroes

Hong Kong is seeing some of the over a proposed Extradition bill between Hong Kong and China, police brutality and a growing fear that Hong Kong is slowly losing its autonomy. Some estimates are as high as nearly 2 million Hongkongers protesting, but that figure is likely exaggerated as it accounts for about 27 percent of the territory’s population.

Travis Chapman

History and fiction lover. Graduated in 2017 with a BA in English, and I’ve been working in the tech sector since.

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